The mass, opportunist resignation of right-wing Labour MPs (and those weak enough to be influenced by them) and the eventual leadership challenge that ensued will be well known to most readers, as will the fact that Corbyn was re-elected with an increased mandate – in spite of extensive gerrymandering via a huge purge of Corbyn supporters by the Labour ‘machine’ he inherited and has had to work with.

What may be less well-known to some is that only the day after his victory, his recidivist opponents in the PLP, the party structure and deposed members of the party’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) launched a ‘silent coup‘, by ignoring party rules and Conference procedures to force through the appointment of two additional anti-Corbyn representatives to the NEC. The aim was to nullify Corbyn’s democratically-achieved majority on the NEC that took office after the conference closed – 6 new…

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