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The question “Would you recommend a medical career to your children?” was posed as an opinionpoll on Twitter, taken by 325 people. It waspostedthree weeks ago, by a consultant vascular and general surgeon. Before I reveal the final outcome, you may want to take a guessat which one won. Yes or no?And the percentage?

Yes… no won. ‘No’ – 63% and ‘Yes’ -37%.The result wasn’t aclose call; it was adeafening NO.

Asa patient andthe Mam of a junior doctor (iea trainee doctor- not a medical student, nor a consultant, nor GP) then I amsaddened by this result, as it appears to reflectthe current mood surrounding medicine as a career…and therefore theNHS, and its future. My sadness turns tofeelings of uncertainty and anger,for me and my family including my son and daughter,who all use andvalue apublicly funded health service, ie free at the point of use.

Of course, I can’t…

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