Wirral In It Together

27th July 2016

Inthis popular blog post  we bemoaned how an MP and recent pretender to the Labour Party’s throne, had been crowbarred into the Wallasey, Merseyside seat in 1992 against the wishes of the local people.  To back it up, we reproduced an old Private Eye cutting containing an enigmatic reference to ‘EYE 788’.

After asking around, we’ve managed to get our grubby hands on Private Eye issue 788 and below is the section that was referred to, a short, informative piece describing the covert, anti-democratic star chamber trials that were in vogue at Labour HQ in Walworth Road, London, under Neil Kinnock’s dictatorship.

Kinnock’s henchman, Roy Hattersley, he of SpittingImage fame – full emphasis on the spitting – had his mitts firmly on the levers of control when it came to …

  • pinpointing problem people
  • yanking the trap door down
  • supplanting them with A. N. Other

…the lucky other being one of the brighter…

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