Love it. Expresses my own thoughts too.


I’ve onlyattended two rallies in my whole life. I’m 57 years old and came late to the party. One rally was in Newcastle, in the Spring of this year, in support of the junior doctors… andthe other last Friday, in Sunderland, at a rally in support of Jeremy Corbyn to remain the leader of the Labour Party.

The rivalry between Newcastle and Sunderland isvirulent.Geordies and Mackemsare usuallyatloggerheads with each other, or worse.It’sall about the football. It’s do or, go down. The rivalry is a given. I even quipped that I had to travel across the holy water to getto the rally, slipping through border control. And I don’t even follow football! (Iwill wash my mouth out with soap later). Despite my lack of footie fever, I’m proud to be a Geordie.I’m not confrontational though, not an attacker. Like to think I’m good in defence.

What Iwasn’t prepared for, was…

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