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David Wearing has just written a great article that’s being shared a lot on Twitter. Every socialist, inside and outside the Labour Party, needs to read it:

This article is key in reining in Jeremy Corbyn’s critics within the PLP, Labour’s NEC, the commentariat — of both print and broadcast variety. And it also brilliantly exposes the idiocy of so-called left-wingers who are stabbing Corbyn in the back, those like Owen Jones.

Owen Smith’s supporters are as unelectable as you could possibly get because. They are unelectable because they’re as clueless as they were when they ran Ed Miliband’s campaign. That campaign’s most notorious decision was carving gibberish onto a tombstone, with Lucy Powell saying just because he was carved pledges on stone that is no guarantee Ed Miliband wouldn’t break them if he ever worked out what they actually meant.

Owen Smith’s backers are those who couldn’t even stop David…

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