Echoing my thoughts.

David Prescott

So tonight we held our Newark Labour leadership nomination meeting.

It was a comradely, good natured affair and Corbyn won the CLP nomination 42 votes to Owen Smith’s 11.

We had many members speak for their preferred candidate. And I could see the merit in both Owen and Jeremy.

But I spoke and voted for Corbyn.

Now I was proud to be part of Andy Burnham’s campaign team last year. And you could argue that my politics have more in common with Smith.

But I spoke for Jeremy because in my opinion nine months is far too short a period for him to be judged as a leader.

We didn’t expect it of Ed or Gordon. We shouldn’t for Corbyn.

And I have to respect someone who has single handedly doubled the party membership.

From speaking to friends who’ve joined or rejoined in the last year, the big attractions are…

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